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Wedding Photo Booth

Fun Wedding Photo Booth Ideas & Inspo

  Getting married is a major life event, so you definitely want your wedding photo booth pictures to be perfect. As you look for a photo booth rental near me, there’s a few unique ideas you should consider to make sure that your special day stands out. Read on for some fun wedding photo booth ideas you can try that will make your pictures the best ever.

  • Keep things classic with a simple white backdrop featuring soft linen fabric and a cute chalkboard. Write a special message on your chalkboard or let your guests take the chalk and create their own messages for you and your new other half.

  • Create a cool framed wall where everyone can stand behind it to take their photos. A frame wall is a fun way to capture sweet and sentimental pictures from your wedding photo booth.

  • Hang fax flowers or garland around your backdrop to give the photo booth a sweet organic touch.

  • Use lights or marquee lettering to create a vintage Hollywood theme. String lights are a great choice if you want to add some bright cheer to your photos.

  • Don’t forget the props! Our photo booth rental near me provides props, but you can also bring your own. Props make your pictures humorous and they can be anything from oversized sunglasses and funny hats to feather boas, fake mustaches, and more.

  • A humorous cutout board featuring the bride and groom is a great wedding photo booth idea. Paint a large piece of wood with your design and cut out holes for everyone’s faces. This one is a classic, and it’s always a hit at weddings.

  • Make a nice backdrop from fabric in a pattern that relates to your wedding theme. Whether it’s flowers, travel, or something else, a fabric backdrop is quick, easy, and adds a beautiful component to your wedding photos.

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