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Party Photo Booth Rental

How to Make Your Next Party Photo Booth Rental Memorable

Using our social photo booth is a great way to make lasting memories. With doing so, how can you make sure that your photos are festive and impactful? Read on for a few inspirational ideas that you can do to make your photo booth rental experience as fulfilling as possible.

Get Creative With Your Backdrop

We offer custom backdrops, but you can also make your own if you prefer. Create a clean, crisp background using rolls of seamless paper in the color of your choice. If you want a traditional look, choose colors like back, white, or gray. To give an aspect of glamour, use silver or gold streams. If you prefer not to use paper, look for a printed fabric or a roll of vinyl you can add to your backdrop.

Give it Some Texture

There’s no rule that says your event has to be basic or one dimensional. Add a little texture by hanging up balloons, faux floral garland, or a neon sign. Furniture that compliments the theme of your event is a great way to elevate the ambience. Drape some string lights around your backdrop or hang some paper lanterns for a fun effect. This is especially fun if your party is being held outdoors.

Provide the Props

A fun addition to any photo booth is props, so make sure you add these, too. We provide several props you can use, but it’s more than acceptable if you want to bring some of your own. Whether it’s a vintage phone, cowboy hat, or something from your living room, props will make every picture more interesting. If your party has a specific theme, choose props related to your party’s theme. These could be any type of branded products for a brand launch or champagne glasses for cheap plastic rings and jewelry for an engagement party. Be creative!

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